Cancer Academy in the north

  • Cancer Academy provides education in the form of lecture series, symposiums and postgraduate courses
  • Care staff are given the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge about new effective treatment methods
  • Doctoral students and researchers in oncology are given the opportunity to acquire knowledge of new methods and findings to promote cancer research in the front line


Roger Henriksson

Elisabeth O Karlsson

Jan Petter Olsson

Martin Enqvist

Steering committee

Chairman: Professor Roger Henriksson
For Swedish Oncological Society: Andreas Hallquist
For the chiefs of oncology: Elisabeth O Karlsson
For research: Håkan Hedman
For the Swedish Cancer Research Foundation: Roger Henriksson
For administration: Monica Sandström

Invoice Address

Cancer Academy in the North
Norrlands University Hospital
By 27, target point QB
901 85 UMEÅ

Organization Number: 802478-1398
Bankgiro: 564-2285

Webmaster: Monica Sandström